• Rozpoczynamy drugą edycję programu Ambasador #UniLodz!

Rozpoczynamy drugą edycję programu Ambasador #UniLodz!

At the beginning of November the recruitment process for the second edition of the #UniLodz Ambassador programme came to an end. #UniLodz Ambassador programme is a project that enables students to work closely with the university. Several dozen people took part in the recruitment, and in the end the final six students were selected. Over the coming months the #UniLodz ambassadors will engage in a wide range of tasks related to work in the marketing and event management industry.

The students who will take part in the second edition of the programme showed creativity, knowledge of social media and openness – both to others and to the challenges waiting for them, already at the recruitment stage.

We have to admit that it was really hard to choose the final six. All the students taking part in the recruitment were asked to send videos in which they introduced themselves. The submitted videos were extremely inventive. At the second stage of the call we met with the selected candidates for interviews. The meetings also proved that people studying at the University of Lodz are fantastic.

says Joanna Arndt-Mordzak, the project coordinator.

Ultimately, six people have been chosen for this year's edition – two participants from the previous edition and four new ones. The #UniLodz Ambassadors are:

  • Natalia Kołodziejczak from the Faculty of Educational Sciences (Psychology); 
  • Stanisław Roszczyk from the Faculty of Biology and Environmental Protection, Faculty of Economics and Sociology as well as Faculty of Management (Ecocity and Urban Management); 
  • Aleksandra Kocik from the Faculty of Philology (Speech Therapy with Audiology); 
  • Mateusz Pietras from the Faculty of Philosophy and History (History); 
  • Agata Becherka from the Faculty of Philology (Polish Studies) 
  • Mateusz Sobociński from the University of Lodz Doctoral School of Social Sciences (Management and Quality Studies).

#UniLodz Ambassadors - 3 female students and 3 male students

What do the participants themselves think about the coming months as Ambassadors?

During the previous edition I met a lot of inspiring people and took part in many interesting events. Thanks to that I have developed myself and made sure that this type of work gives me a lot of pleasure. I decided I didn't want to end this adventure that soon and once again tried to get into the programme. I am very happy about it, because this year I am starting from a completely different position – a person who already knows a little bit and can supplement this knowledge with new experiences. In addition, I can also help new Ambassadors, thanks to which the project will develop faster.

says Agata Becherka, who has had a chance to cooperate with the university for the second time.

I believe that this project is ideal for me. Communication is not scary for me, neither is talking to the camera. I have been active on the Internet for years, creating various contents and I really like doing it. I also study at the University of Lodz and I can honestly say that I really appreciate this university. I have discovered that this is a place where you can really broaden your horizons, develop your skills and, of course, make invaluable friendships. I believe that it is worth taking an active part in the life of the university and promoting its activities. Therefore, I perceive the role of #UniLodz Ambassador as a combination of something pleasant and useful.

adds Mateusz Pietras, a newly selected participant of the programme.

The second edition of the programme has been inaugurated by Prof. Robert Zakrzewski, the University of Lodz Vice-Rector for Student Affairs and Quality of Education. During the meeting the new Ambassadors had a chance to get to know the university coordinators of the programme as well as the other participants of the initiative.

#UniLodz Ambassador is a programme addressed to the University of Lodz students, who want to participate actively in the life of the university and support it in the area of everyday communication with the academic community. Its participants have a chance to work closely with specialists in PR, social media and event management, who are employed by the largest employer in Lodz. They also receive remuneration and have a chance to participate in workshops and training aimed at developing soft skills and releasing their potential.

Source: Promotion Centre, University of Lodz