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We should be taking photos more often than we do...

... but we have quite a lot of them anyway. As you can see, there's more to it than getting all crazy over old manuscripts (which we've never done actually, though we still might ;) and discussing the importance of iambic pentameter as a cure for insomnia...

We actually have fun :]

We meet every Christmas to celebrate the festival just like King Arthur and his knights... The Green Knight has not showed up... yet... (pictures from 2008, pictures from 2009, pictures from 2010, pictures from 2011, pictures from 2012, pictures from 2013, pictures from 2014, pictures from 2015, pictures from 2016, pictures from 2017, pictures from 2018, pictures from 2019, pictures from 2020).

We go on research tours, visit important historical sites and other places of interest:
Łęczyca (26.IV.2008)
Piotrków (27-28.IX.2008)
Łęczyca (24.VI.2012)
Łęczyca (25.VI.2017)

... we organise conferences:

Intertextuality (16-17.III.2013)

... we roam the woods in search of fairies:

Grotniki (3.V.2010)
Grotniki (25.VI.2011)
Grotniki (30.VI.2013)
Grotniki (19.VI.2016)

and we organized a summer school to celebrate the society's tenth anniversary
(Grotniki, 31.07.2014-03.08.2014) and another one in 2015 (Grotniki, 06.08.2015-09.08.2015).

Have a look at some of the older pics. You might recognise some of your teachers ;)

Link to old stuff (2004-2007)
Link to even older stuff (2004 conference)
Another link to ancient stuff (2004 conference, part II)

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