Accents in context

'Accents' is an annual conference organized by the Department of English Language and Applied Linguistics at University of Łódź, Poland. It brings together researchers and teachers interested in native and non-native accents of English, approached from a variety of theoretical and/or practical perspectives. Key issues discussed each year include individual accent characteristics, the dynamism of accent usage, accent teaching and learning, the methods and tools for accent studies. ACCENTS 2016 aim to continue the discussion of the main themes of variability and function of phonetic / pronunciation features, focusing on 'accents in context'.

Keynote speakers (in alphabetical order):
Katarzyna Dziubalska-Kołaczyk - Accents in the phonological context: In search of a BIG PICTURE
Mirosław Pawlak - Applying a macro- and micro-perspective to the study of pronunciation learning strategies
Pavel Trofimovich - Second language comprehensibility: Implications for the teaching and learning of pronunciation
Jan Volín - Prosody of Accented Speech Reconsidered

The conference is organized by Ewa Waniek-Klimczak (, the head of the Department of English Language and Applied Linguistics, University of Łódź with the departamental team headed by Magda Zając (conference secretary) and Anna Gralińska-Brawata. Please send all conference related questions to For information on previous Accents conferences please go to the Abstracts tab.

Call for Special Thematic Session Papers

We now invite proposals for papers for thematic sessions to be held during the Accents2016 conference:

  • Accents and Phonology: Usage Based Phonolgy
  • Accents and Teacher Training
  • Accents and Migrants

For more information, please go to the Thematic sessions tab.


As well as the three special thematic streams of Accents 2016 we will for the first time be offering a free pre-conference special session on Accents & Migrants, convened by Una Cunningham at the University of Canterbury in New Zealand.
For more information please go to the Pre-conference event or Accents & Migrants website.


The conference is planned for two full days, December 1, 2016 (Thursday) noon till December 3, 2016 (Saturday) afternoon. The venues for the conference are University of Lodz Philology Faculty Building in Pomorska 171/173 and the University Conference Centre in Łódź, Kopcińskiego 16/18. The Centre offers conference facilities, accommodation and meals on the premises. It is conveniently situated near the city centre, with easy access from the airport, train and bus stations. If you need assistance in planning your journey, please contact us at
Information on travelling to Łódź can be downloaded from here.


To register, please fill in the registration form (which can be downloaded from here) and e-mail it to If you would like to receive further conference information without registering yet, please fill in the mailing list information and send it to The deadline for registration and bank payments is October 31st, 2016. Please notice that while on-site registration is possible, the payments can be made in cash only.

There are two payment options: (1) conference package or (2) conference fee + individual needs cost.

  1. Conference package: Regular 350 Euro; PhD/MA students: 300 Euro

    Conference package includes:

    • Registration fee
    • Full board accommodation at the conference centre for two nights, arriving 1.12. leaving 3.12.
    • Conference dinner
  2. Conference fee: Regular 200 Euro; PhD/MA students: 150 Euro

    • Bed and breakfast at the hotel center: E 45 per night (single room) or E 35 (double room)
    • Meals: lunch E 15, Dinner E 25, Conference Dinner E 40
    • For an individual cost calculator please see the registration form.

Please make payments to the university bank account: (NOTE: please remember to specify your name and the name of the conference - Accents 2016 with the payment).

IBAN: PL96 1240 3028 1111 0010 2943 1767
Bank Polska Kasa Opieki S.A., II Oddział‚ w Łodzi
Piotrkowska 270, 90-361 Łódź

Participants from Poland make payments in PLN

  1. Conference package: Regular 750 PLN, PhD/MA students 650 PLN
  2. Conference: Regular 300 PLN, PhD/MA students 200
  • Bed and breakfast at the hotel center: PLN 150 per night (single room) or PLN 120 (double room)
  • Meals: lunch 50 PLN, Dinner 80 PLN, Conference Dinner 120 PLN

For participants from Poland - additional financial information

Osoby, które będą potrzebowałyfaktury prosimy o dokonanie płatności przelewem najpóźniej do przelewem najpóźniej do 31.10.2016 i przesłanie danych do faktury na adres accents@uni.lodz.pll. Z uwagi na termin konferencji (koniec roku rozliczeniowego), nie będzie możliwe wystawienie faktur za płatności dokonane w późniejszym terminie. Przypominamy, że faktury wystawiane są na autora przelewu, nie jest zatem możliwe wystawienie faktury na uczelnie przy płatności przelewem z prywatnego konta bankowego.


Accents 2016 book of abstracts can be found here.
Books of abstracts from previous Accents conferences can be found below:
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Thematic sessions

We invite proposals for papers for thematic sessions to be held during the Accents2016 conference:

  • Accents and Phonology: Usage Based Phonolgy
    Convener: Linda Shockey, abstract
  • Accents and Teacher Training
    Convener: Alice Henderson
  • Accents and Migrants
    Convener: Una Cunningham

Please notice that in special sessions we do not limit the scope of our interest to English only and we invite contributions discussing accents in other target or home languages. Each author can propose two contributions provided that one of them is co-authored. Papers are given 20 minutes followed by 10 minutes for discussion. The deadline for abstract submission is September 30, 2016. Please send two copies of your abstract of up to 400 words (excluding references) to, specifying the intended session and the format (in-person or pre-recorded presentation), name and affiliation written under the title in one copy. The proposals will go through the process of peer review, after which notifications of acceptance will be sent out by October 15, 2016.


Accents 2016 programme cane be found here